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Great Creativity
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@VisitBritain/Simon Anderson

Royal Pavilion & Garden, Brighton, England

The UK has always been a catalyst for creativity, where our diversity is our greatest strength. A place where fresh ideas and unique perspectives are welcomed, and where exploration and curiosity pave the way for progress. 

There’s so much to experience in the UK that’s creative, fresh and uniquely British – join us and see things differently.

#GREATCreativity     #SeeThingsDifferently

The Garden of GREAT

At the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the UK showcased The Garden of  GREAT - a celebration of diversity that makes up the UK and the creativity that blossoms there. From fashion and food, to street-art and music, learn more about The Garden of GREAT and the great visionaries that call the UK home.

Principal partner:

UK Festival  2022

Delivered by the British Council Qatar, the 7th UK Festival took place during the FIFA World Cup in Doha from 23 - 29 November 2022.  The festival included a series of free cultural events and performances including DJ sets and parkour shows at the UK’s The Garden of GREAT pavilion; as well as live illustrations, mural creations and photography exhibitions.

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