Discover the flavours of the UK

Against the backdrop of Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations around the world, the UK invites you to join us and see things differently with our Platinum Jubilee inspired growing table.


The UK and its four nations are home to uniquely regional ingredients, all linked to local identity and reflecting the diversity of produce available across the UK. Guests attending The Queen’s Jubilee celebrations were invited to explore the different flavours of a growing table representing all four corners of the UK.


Discover the surprising story behind each unique flavour that celebrates the UK’s diversity of people, landscapes and produce.


Wales - Pharmaceutical Honey:
A sweet remedial breakthrough 

Scent notes: Sweet, Herbaceous

Cardiff University and the National Botanic Garden of Wales collaborated on a research project that led to the discovery of a life-saving ‘super honey’.

Apothecary bees feeding off remedial foraged plants were found to create a honey that could treat antibiotic resistant hospital pathogens. 

Today, the Pharmabees project has been expanding on Cardiff University’s original findings by installing hives and over 1,000m2 of carbon-sequestering plants across their campus, inspiring the next generation of scientists and ecologists.

Scotland – Wild Elderflower:
The jewel in the forager’s crown

Scent notes: Floral-herbal 


Home to lush landscapes and wild woodlands, Scotland is the perfect place to forage for local flavours, like wild elderflower, used by chefs and mixologists from Edinburgh to Islay.

Visit Scotland’s ‘Guide to Wild Food Foraging in Scotland’ provides visitors with a handbook on how to harvest the blossoms of delicate flowers that have grown in the region for centuries. 

With a global focus on wellness founded in local organic ingredients, foraged cocktails are beginning to reform the 2022 cocktail market.


England - Forced Rhubarb:
The crop of the mysterious Rhubarb Triangle 

Scent notes: Sweet and Sour 

Rhubarb is experiencing a renaissance across food and drink, with England at the heart of its cultivation.


West Yorkshire is home to the Rhubarb Triangle, renowned for producing early forced rhubarb. 

This covert agricultural ritual of ‘forcing’, ingeniously conceived in England to deliver sweet stalks out of season, involves exposing rhubarb to tough frosts then relocating it into warm, darkened sheds in the heart of the Rhubarb Triangle in Yorkshire. 


Yorkshire is a diverse place to explore in the UK, where you can find stately homes and sculpture parks, leading universities and vibrant cities, from Leeds to York.

Northern Ireland - Jawbox Gin:
The sleeping giant of the Belfast Hills 

Scent notes: Juniper, herbaceous, citrus, spice 

Infused with Black Mountain Heather harvested from the Belfast Hills, also known as the ‘sleeping giant’, Jawbox Gin masters the art of slowing down time and evoking the true essence of Northern Irish spirit.

With foundations deeply rooted in Northern Irish heritage and creative innovation, the characterful Jawbox Gin honours traditional copper pot distillation whilst pushing new age ideas to elevate their offering. 

The name is derived from the humble Belfast ‘jawbox’ sink of the Victorian age, the centrepoint of the household around which much chat and laughter was had, and still is today.


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