The Garden of GREAT

Welcome to The Garden of GREAT – a celebration of the UK’s diversity and thriving creativity. Here you’ll find inspirational and surprising stories about some of the visionaries that brought the best of UK food, fashion, music and design to the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Come join us and see things differently.

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Great Places nurture creativity

From classic artworks to contemporary designs, modern sculptures and thrilling installations, the UK is a vibrant cultural hub with world-renowned assets. In every part of the nation you’ll discover hundreds of influences that combine together to cultivate fresh new ways of thinking and working that couldn’t happen anywhere else.

Garden Designer

Heath Urquart grew up and lived as a farmer in New Zealand. When he changed career into horticulture, he decided the best place in the world to study was the UK, and he now calls Edinburgh his home. The design for The Garden of GREAT is based on the colours associated with the four nations of the UK – England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Eden Project in Cornwall is like no other garden on Earth. Built in 1998, Eden’s iconic Biome greenhouses contain the largest indoor rainforest in the world and are also surrounded by vast outdoor gardens.

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Great Art lives beyond gallery walls

Buzzing metropolises like London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast are packed with cool creative spaces around every corner. From Banksy-inspired street art workshops to cutting-edge exhibitions and bold countryside sculptures, the UK’s art scene paints one striking picture.


Chila Kumari Singh Burman is a South Asian pop artist. In the 1950’s Chila’s father came over from India to work in Liverpool, a city renowned for creativity. Not long after he arrived he decided to sell ice cream from a van that was covered in amazing decorations and colours. Chila’s father’s van is now the inspiration for her work which is exhibited all around the world.

Find out more about Chila here.


Wing Lo grew up in Leicester, a city renowned for its diversity and vibrant culture. Wing started doing graffiti in 2005 and it has been a part of his life ever since. For The Garden of GREAT, he wanted to create something with dynamism and movement, using colours drawn from the Union Jack flag, symbolising his pride of the UK and its culture.

Find out more about Wing here.

England’s Creative Coast showcases seven installations from famous contemporary artists in Essex, Kent and Sussex. Creating an artistic trail along the southern coastline, it is the world’s first art GeoTour, incorporating global positioning system technology to form a unique treasure hunt experience.

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Great Meals are made in melting pots

The UK is a melting pot of communities from across the globe - from the Caribbean to the Indian subcontinent, each community has brought new flavours and techniques to the table. These influences have collided with traditional British food culture, fusing to create the vibrant and diverse cuisine that the UK celebrates today.

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Vineet Bhatia is the first British Indian chef-patron to have been awarded a Michelin star. He arrived in London in 1993 with little more than a lofty ambition, his love of Indian cuisine and a passion for cooking. He is now a globally renowned chef and seen as the face of progressive modern Indian cuisine, with several restaurants across the globe.

Find out more about Vineet here.

The UK has over 190 Michelin-Starred restaurants and 31 Michelin Green Star restaurants. Green Stars are awarded to eateries that combine top culinary skills with eco-friendly commitments – expect top local produce

and zero-waste dining.

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Great Music gives us all a voice

The UK punches well above its weight when it comes to musical output. From world-class educational institutes, to pop-icons, pioneering venues, pure festival vibes and renowned record labels, the UK is the ideal place for aspiring artists to flourish. Discover how our music helped shape the world.

Music Artist

Kima Otung grew up in the in the valleys of Wales, a country known as the ‘Land of Song’. Her passion for music was cultivated when she was accepted as the youngest member of the Welsh National Youth Opera. Kima is inspired by the culture of innovation in the UK and how it is reflected in the music and creative industries.

Listen to Kima on Spotify here.

Environmental Sound Artist & Composer

Cheryl Beer fell in love with Wales after being surrounded by the sounds of nature. Her hearing was impaired during her time as a touring musician and then became an Environmental Sound Artist. For The Garden of GREAT, the Rainforest Symphony is led by the vascular systems of ancient trees, ferns and moss, repurposing hearing aid and biomedical sound technology.

Find out more about Cheryl here.

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Curated by the oldest national broadcaster and to celebrate 100 years of broadcasting, the BBC has created a unique aural landscape of the UK for The Garden of GREAT. From Wimbledon tennis, David Attenborough and the London Underground, to carnivals, Stormzy and the Welsh language. A collection of British sounds that will take you on a journey across the length and breadth of the UK.

You can find out more about 100 years of BBC here.

The UK is the second largest music exporter in the world and in 2020, UK artists were the second most-streamed artists in the world - accounting for 1 in 10 tracks streamed globally.   

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Great Stories can be told with a scent

Home to some of the most pioneering designers in the world, the UK has always pushed the boundaries of fashion. A true shopper’s paradise, dip into one of the UK’s luxurious department stores or vintage markets and find anything from designer handbags and bespoke fragrances to the latest high-tech gadgets.

Jo Malone_small.jpg

Parfumier & Founder of Jo Loves

As a child growing up in Kent, Jo Malone would make her own perfumes with flowers from the garden. The UK has been Jo’s home for all of her life, and it has been the inspiration for the stories that her fragrances tell. For The Garden of GREAT, Jo has created three scents to tell the different stories of England, Wales and the UK.

Find out more about Jo here.

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Designer & Textile Artist

Growing up in Northern Ireland, Angeline Murphy was surrounded by exceptional natural beauty. Nature has been and continues to be a source of inspiration for her art and creativity. When creating a fabric floral display for The Garden of GREAT, she used linen to pay homage to the Northern Ireland textile industry.

Find out more about Angelina here.

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Scottish Clothing Company

The Clootie well is a special place of healing in Celtic culture. Pilgrims would tie small strips of cloth or ribbon to a tree as part of a healing ritual. For The Garden of GREAT, traditional Scottish tartan was provided by clothing company, Kinloch Anderson, founded in Edinburgh in 1868. The strips are a combination of a specially designed GREAT tartan and repurposed offcuts from kilts.

Find out more about Kinloch here.

Not only is London one of the fashion capitals of the world, it also boasts some of the most sought-after luxury shopping destinations in the world. Want designer clothes at a discount? Head to Oxfordshire’s Bicester Village, one of the UK favourite shopping destinations for a bargain.

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